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days of summer

Don't wanna see you go, but it's not forever!

Found a recipe for Butterbeer Cupcakes over here! They look super beautiful oh my godddddd I’m really glad I finally have free time. Will definitely attempt to do this over the summer, for sure. Also, I am incredibly jealous because all of my friends seem to be going to the WWoHP this year. Ugh, only in my dreams.

Now, onto more shallow things! I want to say stuff about what I did today, but I want to put pictures.. so I’ll save that for another entry. Instead, I’ll talk about clothes I guess. Heehee I’m not really a fashion blogger or anything so I’m warning you this is.. not really that serious.

Went to the Coachella Bazaar @ Rockwell Tent! Got a lot of pretty cheap things, I think the most expensive thing I got was around.. P500? Not bad.

One of the stall things was selling stuff from Cotton On, so I got a bit excited since I really like it their stuff and they don’t sell those things here.

Yehey Korean shirts!! Even though most of the words don’t really make that much sense, I thought it was cute. Hihi

Probably my favorite from the things I bought, since I really like pullovers. Plus, it was only P300.

Got unicorn and Daria rings and a fox necklace! I wanted to buy a lot from the stall selling the Daria ring though, they had Watchmen and V for Vendetta ones, but I was already out of money.

So yup, basically I am satisfied.